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[DEE001R] DaTraxer 'Radikal Remixes' cover

DaTraxer Radikal Remixes

EP | Digital, Streaming | Release date : April 8th, 2013

  • 01 Grizzly Disko (Vektorkat Remix)
  • 02 Muthafunka (Wetness Remix)
  • 03 Fruggle (WAT Remix)
  • 04 Love Me Tandoori (Square Tune Magician Remix)

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DaTraxer does it again! 5 months after having brillantly opened his own record label, DeeTeaseWax, with the explosive cuts from "Radikal Bear", he comes back with friends to remix each track from the original EP! From Vektorkat's fresh deepness to Wetness’ funky and android disco including WAT’s classy house and Square Tune Magician’s geek and groovy electro, party is far from over in the den of the bear from Lyon... By the way, everyone’s welcome!

Let’s start with Vektorkat, a duet which greatly steps accross the Atlantic ocean from Annecy, France to New York City. Two years earlier, DaTraxer, who sent them a first version of his "Grizzly Disko" missile, was delighted to see that his track nicely took place in their DJ-sets, like in many others’. As they dared editing it at their convenience, the two cats sent the boomerang back to his author by giving him the inspiration for the final layout of the track as we know it now. Up to this point, these daytime graphic designers and nighttime DJ/producers got us accustomed to their disco-bangers with no compromise but it seems that the feline’s sexy side got the upper hand (as their rework for Studio M’s "Silent Dancer" testifies). We are proud here at DeeTeaseWax to see them converting the try with verve. Indeed, their version is a deep house ice cream which will make you feel good thanks to its funky mines and its pretty "UK" topping. Summer is not too far from now on anymore...

For the second track, Wetness raises the temperature a notch. This duet from Liège, Belgium, under the heel of Sedat The Turkish Avenger (long-time friend of the bear), produce tracks which attracted the attention of Hervé, ex-standard bearer of fidget house micro-scene and boss of prolific Cheap Thrills record label. Their "360°" debut EP released in 2011 gained favor of DJs such as Etienne De Crécy, NT89, Tony Senghore and One Man Party (a.k.a. Steve Slingeneyer, Soulwax’s ex-drummer) to name but a few. The walloon duo doesn’t spare "Muthafunka" whom they directly sent in their magical deep fryer for our pleasure. The recipe : a subtle mix between twisting rhythms and salty basslines which make your eardums shiver. The result : a guaranteed perspiration of all the pores of your skin!

If you are a regular visitor of Daddy Bear’s adventures, no need to introduce you WAT. For others, let’s recap a bit : to this day, this duo from Lyon and Paris who made the bright days of Boxon Records label with their debut album "Wonder", which included their "Kill Kill" hit (and its Tarantino-inspired music video), is the first and biggest consumer of DaTraxer’s remixes. After few collaborations with Ben Biff on Tannenbaum! project and Mia April’s first long play and previewing a full year of releases, now our ex-terrorist officers are back in the business and take "Fruggle" steamroller hostage. Taking hold of the introduction which frustrated some DJs for its brevity, they decided to make a version dedicated to lovers of house music with a simple catchword : efficiency and class!

Finally, to close these fireworks, what could be more interesting than entrusting the blast-off to Square Tune Magician, this video games addict with musical influences which are as diversified as undisclosable, who makes geek people happy thanks to his SoundCloud page and his gigs (where we can sometimes see DaTraxer accompanying him on a "Guitar Hero" drum kit) ? With his remix of "Love Me Tandoori", this guy from Lyon propels us in his nostalgic, fantastical and dynamic universe we can find in his tracks just like his numerous covers of cult video games and Japanese anime anthems. His smashing beats overcome the typical samples scads of the original version to wrap them up with basslines which will make your neighbour’s hair stand on end.

Mastered by David Rocchi at Metrophon Sound Design near Paris, France
Artwork by DownTownWork.com
Digital distribution by Believe

Original versions available on "Radikal Bear" EP (DEE001)

DaTraxer : www - SoundCloud - Facebook - Twitter
Vektorkat : SoundCloud - Facebook - Twitter
Wetness : SoundCloud - Facebook - Twitter
WAT : SoundCloud - Facebook - Twitter
Square Tune Magician : SoundCloud - Facebook