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[DEE001] DaTraxer 'Radikal Bear' cover

DaTraxer Radikal Bear

EP | 12", Digital, Streaming | Release date : November 12th, 2012

  • 01 Grizzly Disko
  • 02 Muthafunka
  • 03 Fruggle
  • 04 Love Me Tandoori

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Three years after his “First 23 Minutes Of Teddy-Beer” 12-inch record (supported by DJ Hell, Anthony Shakir & Jori Hullkonen amongst others), DaTraxer finally gets out of his den and starts his own DeeTeaseWax imprint to release his second EP, “Radikal Bear”, which includes four uncomprising house tracks. The ingredients of this explosive cocktail are : two Daft Punk shots, three Akufen tea spoons, one Soundhack block, sprinkled with a pinch of Chicago house music... A mixture which will shake your head!

“Radikal Bear” is the second record by Julien a.k.a. DaTraxer and is the first to get released on DeeTeaseWax, his own imprint. By building this den, he plows the furrow of freedom and independence. Now he’s able to express his whole universe without any restraint or format. Actually, this ayatollah isn’t the kind of guy who’s recklessly told what to do to enrol any trend. The intelligence of this premise speaks for itself in this second EP without any compromise of principles. And we hope that this release won’t be sided in any record-shelf but the one where its name will be written...

“Grizzly Disko” takes responsibility for starting these new hostilities with its straight-military-march rhythm. Then it quickly turns into a militant track against kids who believe that they only have to spin three records for their friends or watch Youtube tutorials to consider themselves as DJs, producers or even worse, an artist. While these pretenders are playing with their MIDI controllers, DaTraxer responds with a technical and brutal bulldozer track!

“Muthafunka” holds the radical course. Indeed, this is an audacious house track with a ghetto spirit. Thus the bear pays tribute to legendary Chicago scene and to the Mongoloids (firstly one of Armand Van Helden’s several side-projects - with which he released the fabulous “Spark Da Meth” hit - then it became a DJs crew which included his friends such as DJ Sneak, Ian Pooley, Basement Jaxx and Daft Punk to mention only a few). DaTraxer imposes his bear’s paw and decimates horses and poneys reign to sit enthroned as the new urban jungle master!

Regarding “Fruggle”, its composition is nothing new as Julien started this track after he assimilated Mr. Oizo’s messy album called “Moustache (Half A Scissor)”. But Julien was also inspired by “micro-sampling” concept developed by Akufen throughout his “My Way” long play record he released on Force Inc. in 2002. Like his mentor, DaTraxer took these numerous and short samples from FM waves. He overlaps them at a brisk pace to produce a disturbed and jerky track but also fun and infectious. This track was tagged as “fucked-up techno” by the bear’s loyal supporters. These guys were ready and waiting, now they can find an official version of this tune... and you as well!

Now comes the well-timed “Love Me Tandoori” track. After three uncompromising cartridges, we could start thinking that the affectionate side of the bear didn’t find its space on this record. Fortunately, it’s thanks to this highly hybrid house track that DaTraxer surfs on this playground. But be careful : “affectionate” doesn’t mean “naive” at all! Indeed, sweet melodies collide with hugely-sliced samples, as if Soundhack took extasy and declared his love for Todd Edwards...

Written, mixed and produced by DaTraxer at Drum Trax Workshop in Lyon, France. 
Polished with the big help of Ben Biff at Metrophon Studios near Lyon, France.
Mastered by David Rocchi at Metrophon Sound Design near Paris, France
Artwork by DownTownWork.com
Digital distribution by Believe

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